The role of the sun and the moon in Feng Shui

With today’s solar eclipse symbolising new beginnings, its only right to share Kathryn’s blog post on the way the sun and the moon can play a pivotal role on our well being….

By Kathryn Weber

When we think of feng shui, the usual things that come to mind are frogs, wind chimes, and lucky coins. But, the role of the sun and moon have a strong pull in feng shui, just as they do our lives. Those who say that the planets have no role in our lives are mistaken.

Even our simplest acts, such as getting up in the morning and sleeping at night are regulated by the sun. Electronics are often problematic when the sun is flaring. The moon also pulls on us, regulating women’s cycles by the moon’s waxing and waning rhythms, lifting our tides, and helping plants to grow.

In Asia, much of what we know about feng shui is also regulated by the sun and moon, and in particular, the moon. The lunar calendar, the calendar by which Asia follows, is moon-based, making this celestial body at the center of special dates, like the beginning of the New Year.

Rather than following a date, the lunar New Year is announced with the first New Moon of the year. Read more about how the sun and the moon influence feng shui and how to use these symbols in your home and life for love, wealth, recognition, purification, rest and success.


Golden presence, heavenly recognition.

The bright heavenly sunlight is symbolized by the east, where the sun arises from. It’s a symbol of power and authority. The sun represents standing in a golden light of recognition. Employing a sun symbol or figure in your personal wealth and success direction will help beam positive news your way and bring you “into the light” of recognition for your efforts and successes. These beautiful symbols also help you attract good fortune to your home and life.

Ultimate male energy

In the feng shui symbology, the sun represents the male or yang energy, while the moon is the female or yin energy. When you see the sun and moon together, this is another way of seeing the tai chi, or yin and yang, circle. Whenever, energy is lacking or you have a feeling of being stuck, the sun is able to bring energy to you by brightening a corner, and lifting the chi of your home or in your life.

Purify with the sun.

Whenever, an item is brought into the home or feels stale, setting it in the sun is a wonderful way to rid the item of any negativity and to remove any lingering energies. Setting water in sunlight will energize the water and make a beautiful sun-water for reviving plants, cleaning with, or for adding to water fountains or aquariums. If someone in your home has been ill, bring in a symbol of the sun, such as sun ray style mirror, to help counteract the illness energy.

Energize with the sun.

Whenever there is a lack of sun, a home is lacking beneficial energy. That’s why it’s wise to energize your house by throwing open the curtains and blinds to allow sun into all parts of the house every day if possible. This helps to lift your home’s energy and purify it. Give your whole house a good dose of sunshine each month to keep your home feeling alive and energized.

Sun lifts spirits and beckons love.

Adding a figure of a sun to your home will help to bring love to your life, especially when placed in the southwest sector of romance. Place faceted crystals in your sunniest windows to spray rainbows across your home and lift energy. This is especially helpful if you have been down or had a case of the blues. The bright light and colorful streams of rainbow light will lift your spirits and create a positive outlook. Bright gold colors and jewelry also help lift your personal energy. Add something gold-colored to your home to signify the sun and its beautiful auspicious energy.


Moon and Sun figures bring harmony.

The symbol of the moon and sun together help to activate rooms with a balanced energy. Add these figures to your home whenever you feel like you want to bring your home into balance, or if there is disharmony between family members or with husband and wife relationships.

The Moon brings rest, renewal and regeneration.

If life has been too stressful, introducing moon energy will help to calm your life and de-stress. This is especially important in a bedroom, where the emphasis is on resting, but also tapping into your emotional life, whether through romantic intimacy or through inward thought. The moon energy can be brought into the bedroom by diffused light, billowy white curtains, and soft textures.

Adding a round mirror will help to draw the moon into your bedroom, which can also help romance. Just make sure the mirror does not reflect the bed. One couple used a round mirror in a gold frame to represent their romance and union and placed it over their bed.

Bring love with the full moon.

The Chinese believe that the Chinese God of Marriage is the “old man in the moon.” It is the moon who is believed to be the overseer of uniting couples together. If you’ve been single for some time, consider adding a large image of the full moon in your home where you will see it often. The light of the full moon brings lovers together and helps relationships reach the next level of commitment. Hang your image on the 15th day after the New Moon.

Act on the days of the New Moon.

In the Chinese custom, the New Moon is a time for new undertakings and beginnings. Its waxing to fullness helps to make whatever is undertaken at that time grow with its energy and pull. For more money, write a money sign in red inside the palm of your left hand to create opportunities for money to come to you. Write out 10 wishes in the hours after the start of the New Moon to bring those heartfelt wishes to creation.

Energize love crystals with the moon.

Because the moon is the celestial body that represents love, set out crystals such as rose quartz and amethyst in the moonlight to activate them for love. If you’re single, this can help attract a new love to your life, and if you are in a partnership, energizing your crystals will help keep your relationship strong and loving.

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