Wim Hof – Free Ice Man 10 Day Course

It may be a bit daunting but ice therapy can be one of the most therapeutic and effective methods out there to increase energy, reduce stress, boost your immune system, improve focus & determination, increase cold tolerance, help recovery, improve your sleep.

The Ice man – Wim Hof

We’ve been following Wim Hof for a while now and would love to share his latest offering with you. If you haven’t heard of him, Wim is nicknamed the Ice man based on his immersive ice endurance feats which he teaches using breathing techniques and gradual tolerance training. We would encourage you to check out his videos and consider giving his course a go.

In collaboration with Commune, the Wim Hof team have put together a brand-new 10-day Wim Hof Method course. This course is available for free until October 14.

Who are Commune?

Commune is a platform that offers online programs on a wide range of areas for life improvement. Together, we’ve made a fun, accessible course that has everything you know and love about the Wim Hof Method: breathing, cold therapy, and a strong focus on the mind— naturally all taught by the Iceman himself. You can learn more about the course here.

If you’ve not gotten very deep into Wim Hof Method practice, this is a great place to start, or to reignite your inner fire.


Joyous Source are not affiliates for Wim Hof and have no commercial interest in promoting his course. We just think he is a fantastic individual and that his methods can bring some incredible benefits to those who adopt them.
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